Corporate Branding

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The scope of a corporate brand encompasses ethics and processes of a company or organisation as a whole – internally and externally. The rationale, strategy and activities going into corporate branding are different from product and service communications. We support our clients by managing the brand name of a corporate entity and by optimising its perception by its major stakeholders.

Corporate Communications

In collaboration with our customers, we design and implement communication strategies adapted to brand and business goals. Classical, online and social media strategies, issues management and compliance are part of our offer which is always focussed on the above scopes.

Reputation & Risk Management


A damaged reputation can harm employee and customer loyalty in no time and jeopardise a company’s viability. Stakeholder and public confidence in business entities is tendentially low while its scrutiny is high and easy thanks to the internet and social media. Increased transparency, ethical behaviour and social responsibility are the fundamental ingredients to a healthy and lasting good reputation. We address business security and identify and manage risks before they become issues. Our strategies and solutions are customised and praxis oriented and include internal and external communication, compliance and care.

Communication Training for CEOs

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We offer crash communication training programmes for CEOs and their management enabling them to quickly understand on- and offline communication strategies and methods. Corporate Communication and the capitalisation of a company’s brand value lie in the hands of chief executives.

Corporate Branding

Manage and increase your company brand value by optimising its perception by your major stakeholders.

Corporate Communications

Adapt your communication strategies to business and branding goals and manage your company’s reputation

Reputation & Risk Management

Consequently monitor your public image, manage risks and issues and increase stakeholder trust. Public scrutiny of companies is high, quick and easy!

Management Training

Communication is the key to successful business leadership. Understand and manage the basics of today’s complex communications opportunities and risks.

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